Dr. Ti’Onya Green graduated from Rowan University in 1998 with a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. Desiring to be an effective change agent, she attended Seton Hall University Law School. She then continued her academic pursuits and received her master’s and doctorate degree in Public Administration and Organizational Leadership from Capella University.

During her academic pursuits, her tenure in government and nonprofit fields harnessed her commitment to pursue excellence in service delivery programs. Her curriculum vitae is robust noting various executive and senior level roles in the public sector.

Her tenure with the State of New Jersey’s Department of Community Affairs was rewarding, providing her an opportunity to oversee the third largest field office in affordable and subsidized housing programs. She managed an annual budget of $13.1 million. Additionally, she has more than twenty-five years’ experience in nonprofit management and leadership.

To date she serves on various boards within several states. She currently teaches graduate and doctoral courses at several universities, which she takes great pleasure. Her experience and commitment to research and program management improvement drives her pursuit to serve the community. The outcomes of programs must meet the demand at unprecedented levels that exceed the public’s expectations. She is a successful, serial entrepreneur and owner of multiple small businesses.

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