Strengthening Our community One Lesson at a Time!

We Offer a Wide Range of Services!

We are a nonprofit organization that provides education, training, and outreach aimed at decreasing sexual assault, domestic violence, and related trauma. We serve schools, colleges, faith-based organization, the military, shelters, or group homes, and much more. 

Outreach: We Come to You!

We can provide a host or presentations, training, and educational forums to fit your needs. We equip leaders in schools and colleges, leaders in group homes or shelters, and faith-based leaders, with trauma informed responses to those they serve who may have been impacted by sexual assault, domestic violence, or related trauma. 

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Education At Your Fingertips!

We provide an E-Learning platform for individual training, at your own pace.  We understand the demands life may place on one’s time, which is why we offer, accessible, electronic based, on demand education. Peruse on your time. 

If you are interested in individualized training for your organization, set up your free consultation here. 


Personalized Virtual Training

Virtual platforms have become the most convenient way to do business! We provide training virtually to meet your needs. Training will be developed to meet the specific needs of your organization. Are you a middle school or high school, college, faith-based organization, or do you manage a women shelter of home? It does not matter, we got you covered. 

If you are interested in training developed specific for your organization, schedule your free consultation here.


We Can Do More Together!

We understand it is not about competition, but ensuring our community is equipped to serve all, including those in pain. Do you have something big in mind, that you cannot do alone? Not sure how to get it all done? Have no fear, Breaking Free is here! We want to collaborate with your organization to host your next training or event. 

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Need Help To Maximize Your Business?

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